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Marksbury Plain Solar Farm

Marksbury Plain - an even grassy field surrounded by trees and hedgerows
biodiversity, birds, plants and small creatures

Environmental Impact

Once operational, the solar farm is expected to have a lifespan of up to forty years, saving approximately 304,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over its lifetime. This is around the same reduction in carbon emissions as taking over 176,000 cars off UK roads.

Working with Asahi Europe and International

“European Energy has developed a strong pipeline of solar and wind projects across the UK, which we will build out over the coming years … Corporate PPAs have an important role to play in our delivery strategy. We are proud to be able to assist sustainability-focused organizations such as Asahi to further decarbonize their operations and support the energy transition in the UK” Adam Spearey, Director European Energy UK


Construction Timeline

Construction of Marksbury Plain Solar Farm will begin in early 2024. We will make regular updates on construction progress here on the site.

  1. Phase 01
    Current phase

    Site Preparation and Infrastructure Setup

    Installing access roads, fencing, substations, and power lines

  2. Phase 02

    Foundation and Mounting Structure Installation:

    Laying foundation Assembling mounting frames

  3. Phase 03

    Solar Panel and Electrical System Integration

    Placing panels and connecting electrical systems

  4. Phase 04

    Grid Connection and Testing

    Connecting to the grid, comprehensive testing

  5. Phase 05

    Landscaping, Restoration

    Finalizing landscaping, restoring the site


We understand the importance of open communication and transparency. Throughout the construction process, we are committed to keeping you well-informed about project developments, timelines, and any potential impacts on the local area. We will begin direct communications in the New Year. Regular updates will be provided through this site, through contact from our UK team and through channels agreed with the local community. You can also get in touch with us through our dedicated email address – Marksbury@europeanenergy.com

Timsbury Road closure, changes to 522 bus route

Apr 03, 2024

Essential Infrastructure Installation – Times of Operation

Mar 22, 2024

Essential works to install cable ducts along the A39, Timsbury Road and Priston Lane

Mar 08, 2024

Site entrance from the A368

Feb 23, 2024

Marksbury Plain Updates

Feb 02, 2024

European Energy Team


Your feedback is valuable to us, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are dedicated to fostering collaborative and positive relationships as we work together toward a sustainable future.

Adam Spearey


Nick Badcock

Senior Project Manager


Planning – Documentation and History

The planning applications and associated document history for this project can be found on the B&NES planning portal

Marksbury Plain planning documentation