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European Energy Development Ltd is proud to be part of the global European Energy family, founded in Denmark in 2004.


Renewable energy for the whole of the UK

At European Energy Development Ltd we provide complete solutions by developing, building and operating our renewable energy projects within the UK. We are proud to be a part of the global EE family, founded in Denmark in 2004.

2004 founded

European Energy was founded in Denmark in 2004 by Knud Erik Andersen and Mikael D. Pedersen.

~650 employees

By year-end 2022 we reached 550 employees worldwide and we expect to grow with many more new colleagues in 2023.

+23 offices

We have offices in 18 countries and we strive to open local offices in the markets where we have construction and operational projects


This is European Energy


We secure the land/project rights either through our own greenfield activities or via development agreements with local partners. The project’s key value drivers and risk profile is assessed, and project progress occurs only if it is deemed to have sufficient potential to meet financial hurdle rates.


We apply for the necessary permits to realize the project, which includes conducting a number of studies and analyses. We also ensure that we obtain a grid agreement allowing us to feed the electricity into the grid. The yield of the project is also investigated, and a business case for the project is built.


With rights and permits secured and procurement, off-take and financing ready, we initiate construction of the project. We have a strong track record in managing contractors and suppliers on-site.

Grid connection

As the final step of the construction process, we connect the asset to the grid providing renewable energy.

Project sales

We assess each project individually and take risk-and-reward profiles into close consideration. In some cases, we divest the energy farm to long-term investors at the optimal price. Often, we continue managing the assets for the investor to optimize production output and minimize operating costs.

Power sales

Today, more and more companies choose a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPAs are long-term, fixed-price energy supply contracts that guarantee the delivery of renewable power from an energy farm to a business. PPAs are often made before construction of a project begins – however, they can also occur once a project has launched and been grid-connected. At other times, it may be advantageous for us to maintain ownership of an energy farm and sell the renewable power as an independent power producer.

Asset Management

We consider managing assets to be a core part of our business. This involves 360 degree asset management services delivered by in-house competencies in the technical, commercial and financial aspects of renewable energy farm management.


We also deliver O&M services for PV plants including scheduled preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, technical support and plant monitoring.


We are commercialising a production technology that produces green e-methanol at competitive prices. The production is based on renewable energy from our wind and solar farms and CO2 from bio-waste. As part of the process, we use electrolysis to produce green hydrogen by splitting water.


We convert natural energy and waste energy into useable heating. The heat pumps prevent and minimise wasted energy streams by offering cooling solutions and by transferring the renewable energy from our wind and solar farms into heating solutions.

41 nationalities

We were born global as a Danish company with our first projects in Germany and we have always valued a diverse culture with colleagues from all over the world.

3.2 million tonnes CO2

Since 2004, European Energy has saved the planet from 3.2 million tonnes of CO2.

245.000 trees

In 2021 we planted 245.000 trees as hedge rows around our solar parks.

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