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The sun as a renewable energy source

Solar panels in a field


The process of a typical solar project

View how a solar project evolves and the phases that we manage.

Week 1 – 3

Landowner agreement

Week 4 – 10


Week 11 – 50


Week 51 – 77


Week 76 – 104


Renewable energy

Green electricity


It takes around 76-104 weeks to develop a solar farm (This range allows for the variable factors which can affect approval processes, procurement and delivery)

We look for sites of 40 acres or more. Currently, our largest projects are around 350 acres.

The noise from a solar farm at a distance of 230 metres corresponds to 25 dB. It can be compared to the noise of a quiet bedroom.

Solar cells are not dangerous to humans and animals. For example, we have sheep that live at our solar farms, where they can, among other things, seek shelter from the rain under the solar panels

We work to take care of nature in the areas where we set up solar parks.  Often we replace traditional farming with our solar panels and in this way we spare the soil from pesticides and fertilizers. In 2021, we also planted 245,000 trees as fences around our solar parks.

Solar panel arrays can be up to 3.2 metres high, although we take care that their impact on the landscape is minimal. We survey and plan our sites carefully, using the planting of trees and corridors of hedgerows to shield developments and encourage biodiversity.

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