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Vicarage Drove Solar Farm

Vicarage Drove in late summer, with dry grass ready to harvest

The site is ideal because there are no houses within 1km, and views are shielded by natural features or planned planting. The solar farm will be temporary, made up of panels and equipment. Importantly, we’re also taking steps to boost local biodiversity by introducing wildlife-friendly measures, creating new habitats for animals and birds in the area.

Development plans

Development of the Vicarage Drove Solar Farm will begin in early Spring 2024. Upon completion, the project will provide sufficient power for 14,000 homes, resulting in an annual saving of 22,500 tonnes of CO2. Generating 49.9MW of electricity, the solar farm is designed to operate for 35 years. We are currently in the process of finalizing the development dates, and once confirmed, we will promptly update this site with the latest information.

The solar panels will be installed in rows, North to South, and will track the sun throughout the day. They are set at an angle, no more than 2.75 metres at their highest point. There is a space of 0.8 metres underneath, which means the land could also be used for crops or animal grazing.

The site will be surrounded by deer fencing and there will be CCTV cameras on site for additional security.

Solar panels transform sunlight into electricity using silicon cells. When sunlight hits these cells, the electrons in the cells vibrate and this creates a DC electric current in on AC. AC (alternating current) is more efficient for sending power over long distances and can easily be adjusted using transformers, reducing energy loss. It is also the standard for electricity in the UK. This generatee direction. The solar inverter then does its job, turning this DC electricity intod electricity can be used right away, stored in batteries, or sent back to the grid. It’s a smart process that helps us tap into the sun’s power for a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

Construction will take 6-8 months and we will keep local residents informed of progress.

With any construction, there will be deliveries and site traffic, but we aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We will keep the local community informed of progress on site and any activities that may require heavier traffic. Once complete, we will operate the site remotely, so there should be no long term impact.

As there are no houses within 1km, we would expect that noise impact will be minimal and kept within normal site working hours.

Contact us

For more information, contact the Senior Development Manager

Mark Weller

Mark Weller

Senior Development Manager

(+44) 75 08 81 84 15