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Moor Isles Battery Storage Facility

Site at Moor Isles surrounded by screening hedgerows

What are Battery Storage Facilities?

Battery storage allows energy from renewables, like solar and wind, to be stored and then released into the electricity grid network. Building these facilities will mean that we will be able to provide a constant and reliable supply of green energy across the UK.

Green Energy reducing household bills

The UK government estimates technologies like battery storage systems – supporting the integration of more low-carbon power, heat and transport technologies – could save the UK energy system up to £40 billion ($48 billion) by 2050, ultimately reducing people’s energy bills.



Our lithium-ion batteries are the same as those in a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, but larger. The batteries are safely contained and secured, with cooling and fire control systems as additional measures. Across sites that are already operational in the UK and internationally, the technology has proven to be extremely safe and reliable.

Construction will take 6-8 months and we will keep local residents informed of progress. Once complete, we will operate the site remotely, so there should be no impact on traffic.

The battery housing will have sound insulation and is designed to be as quiet as possible. We want local residents to be comfortable and a Noise Impact Assessment will accompany the application to ensure this.

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For more information, contact the Senior Development Manager

Mark Weller

Mark Weller

Senior Development Manager

(+44) 75 08 81 84 15

Project documentation

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The link to our planning application can be found below.

Limk to documents on Pendle Planning portal