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Projects in the UK

North Woods Hill Solar Farm

North woods Farm solar site showing existing wind turbines

Green Energy Goals in the UK

The UK has set targets to decarbonise electricity by 2035 and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. The British Energy Security Strategy also sets out an ambitious aim of increasing in solar deployment five-fold by 2035.

By producing energy from renewable sources such as solar, our green energy generation sites are helping to achieve these goals. In the context of soaring gas prices, we aim to deliver a project that uses the latest technology to support affordable energy generation.


Yes – solar is a renewable and infinite energy source that creates no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar PV panels are able to convert up to around 22% of sunlight to usable energy or electricity. This can vary with the intensity of sunlight, the temperature of solar panels, and the angle of the sun’s rays.

No, Due to the proximity of the point of connection, all electrical cables required will be buried underground.

Construction will take 6-8 months and we will keep local residents informed of progress. Once complete, we will operate the site remotely, so there should be no impact on traffic.

We want local residents to be comfortable and a Noise Impact Assessment will accompany the application to ensure this.

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Mark Weller

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